The funny thing is that I’m really not clear on what I want to write about today. So, I figured I’d be a little “meta” and talk about blogging for blogging’s sake.

You see, as marketers, we’ve been trained that unique content translates into a happy Google God, who in turn sends his disciples to your website. The more content you create for this all-powerful Google God, the happier he becomes, and thus the more disciples he sends. It’s pretty easy math really.

But what happens when you blog about nothing? Does this Google God care? Will he send his followers to learn the ways of your brand anyway?

Now that I’m actually doing it, it’s kind of hard to blog about nothing. I feel like this is the Seinfeld of blogs. It’s about nothing, but something is kinda being said. In fact, my mind is trying it’s best to turn this into some sort of narrative…. a story. But I’m fighting it.

Blogs about nothing important fill the Internet. I’m sure there is some stat out there about how much garbage the Internet is filled with. If I found that stat and put it into this article, I’d suddenly be blogging about something… so we’ll avoid that.

How many blogs are just repeats of others? How many of those repeats are just repeats of repeats? It’s an endless cycle really. Is there any unique content out there anymore? The Google God must believe this to be so; otherwise, we marketers wouldn’t try to feed this God. But I’ll challenge you to try to write a blog on a unique topic that nobody has ever written about. Go for it… then do a search to see if there is already something there.

Darn it, there I go, I just went and looked up a stat. I just searched to see how many blogs have been written about Blogging for Blogging Sake…… here is the returned list from the Google God: 170m results (with almost the whole first page filled up with the same title to what I have here.)

Ok, so this maaaaay be where I turn this article into something that is more than about nothing. As I think back through my online browsing habits, blogs tend to be the bait I bite at, which then pulls me to the real content. That content could be a video, an infographic, a product page, or a list of something I dig.

If this holds true for most people, then this is your challenge: Most bloggers write about nothing. Sure, it usually says something, but it’s really about nothing. Let’s try to give our visitors something great. Provide them with a real piece of content that they can learn from. This will elevate your brand and message way above the other 99% of crud out there. After all, GREAT content is where traffic meets conversion – which is the real goal after all.

Ok… maybe I ended up with a little point made. But I’ll maintain that this blog is still about nothing.  Good blogging!