There are a number of reasons to look for a new marketing agency. No matter the reason, one of the most critical steps is building out a professional and comprehensive Marketing Agency Request for Proposal (RFP).

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Purpose of an RFP: A Request for Proposal (RFP) is an important step to help you level the playing field when researching marketing agencies. At its very core, an RFP is a formal invitation you give to the marketing agencies on your short list. This invite serves three main objectives:

  • First, when an agency responds to an RFP, they are saying “yes” we are interested in your business.
  • Second, you are gathering a baseline of information that helps you compare and contrast the agencies that have responded.
  • Third, you are sharing your requirements so that the agencies understand the scope of your program or project.   

Building a professional and comprehensive template makes the process easier on both the client-side and agency-side of the equation. Below is a marketing agency request for proposal template that will get you started. It is created in Microsoft Word, making it easy to edit. Enjoy!


What should be included in a RFP for Marketing Agencies? There are a few different ways to approach an RFP. Poorly created ones focus exclusively on the project that the client wants.

Professional, well-created RFPs include additional detail to really paint the picture for the agencies that will receive the RFP. By adding this important additional layer of information, you are setting up each agency with the information they will need to create a legit and thoughtful presentation/proposal.

Below are the sections that this RFP Template includes:

Section 1:  About Your Company

  • Company Background
  • Ideal Customer
  • Technology Stack
  • Competitors

Section 2: Program or Project Objectives

  • Objective Summary
  • Scope of Work
  • Schedule

Section 3:  Criteria for Response

  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Presentation / Proposal Requirements

Section 4:  Terms and Conditions