There are any number of sources to help you find the top marketing agencies in Atlanta. Whether it’s speaking with your peers, visiting local marketing meetings, and/or searching online, there are certainly a number of resources available to us all.

However, as with anything, the more information you have, the harder it is to digest. Peers often have a limited perspective, focused on the very few agencies they have actually worked with.  Local organizations are a great place to meet creative talent… but then again, you have to show up and shake a lot of hands before you *possibly* find what you’re looking for.  Each of these methods has it’s pro’s & cons. The most difficult thing to do in these two scenario’s is to really dig in and compare all the conversations, capabilities, industries served, etc side by side.

The Atlanta market, in particular, is ripe with agency talent. This is good because you really have a diverse set of both broad and specialty boutique agencies.  However, this same diversity can make it difficult to make a decision on the right one.

It’s like walking into a candy shop filled with hundreds of types of sweets. It simply takes a long time to figure out which piece you want. In smaller markets, businesses looking for local agency talent only have a few choices – so it’s much easier.

So how can you find the top marketing agencies in Atlanta?

This is where an online search using the right marketing agency directory really starts to play a part. If you’re like most people, the digital world is where you head to start your buyer’s journey. It’s where you’ll shortlist marketing agencies that make sense for your business. Then you may head off to check with peers and references.

Shortlisting an agency has become much easier in recent years. Marketing agency directories like Agency Loft have dozens of search filters to help you browse through the various capabilities that each agency has.

Criteria / Filters to help you with the search: 

There are a number of directories out there.  In fact, there are some really good ones focused on the marketing agency industry.  So what should you look for when trying to figure out the right one to use?

  • Traditional location, type and size of the agency filters to help you get started
  • Peer reviews to help you see what others have experienced with the agency
  • More advanced filters to help you get specific to your business
    • Marketing automation expertise
    • Client lists
    • B2B or B2C focus
    • Detailed agency services
    • Affiliation to larger agency conglomerates
    • and more

Net – in order to really get the side-by-side comparison at the top of the buyer’s journey, when you’re just starting to get a feel for the agency expertise in Atlanta, the easiest way is to find a tool that allows you to discover and explore the various firms out there.

If you’re trying to find the top marketing agencies in Atlanta, a good place to start is on our Atlanta Marketing Agency list – then browse, explore and drill in from there!